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“And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” – Mark Anthony

Growing in Grace is a platform providing mentorship and member based programs that serve women and mothers.

We believe in growth, community, vulnerability, and transformation with each service provided.

Growing in Grace is changing lives one story at a time. 


Re-ImagineHer ReVamp

The Re-ImagineHer Revamp is 90 days of group mentoring. You will be taught, equipped, and freed from lack of confidence in your identity. We will have live + pre-recorded teachings, and heartwork to maximize your growing experience. Within the program you will be paired with an accountability partner, because we are better together. 



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Summer Martin

As I’ve journeyed with Growing in Grace, Ive seen a tremendous difference in how I view myself and my purpose here on earth. I accept the grace, love, and value that God has always made available. I’m grateful for the passion and push that I've received, it was needed for me to walk fully in purpose


Eva Rosales

I feel heard, acknowledged, & encouraged. It has taught me that we all have struggles & fears, but that you must persevere. I have learned a new meaning of “pivot” and how to apply it in my life everyday when I find myself worried or frustrated with circumstances out of my control. I have a lot of work to do within,  but feel hopeful and grateful. I look forward to growing in grace.


Brittany Baker

Growing In Grace is more than a group. It’s a sisterhood! We laugh, we cry, we support each other, and daily we are growing spiritually & mentally. The transparency in the group is so relatable so you do not feel judged by your past and/ or current mistakes. I have grown closer to God in my spiritual journey & in tuned with myself more now than ever. This group has definitely helped me identify things about myself. I’m so appreciative of Ashley & all the ladies of G.N.G. (Growing In Grace).


Candice Goldsbrough

The level of discernment during our sessions were so spot on. There wasn't any question or thought left unanswered. It's really hard to put a time limit on great conversation, thought provoking questions, and insight that challenges what you've known and how you operate. 
Ashley gives great attention to your needs and moves you from stuck to action. I didn't want the 7 weeks to end! I highly recommend Sister Sistership to single moms seeking change!



Vanessa Comeaux

This program assisted me in believing in MYSELF. I am unlearning many unhealthy habits I've had and understanding WHY they're unhealthy so I don't resort back!

The Sistership program brings reconciliation to the woman's identity so she can function in every role God gives her. 


Chelsea Henderson

She's the real deal. She constantly challenges my perspective with her loving & honest approach. I'm often called to self- reflect after any teaching or conversation with Ashley. Her words hold value! She doesn't leave you how you start, and most importantly she's concerned about YOU.


April Collins

Ashley's courses are filled with strong insight, life lessons, & biblical support that is written especially with me in mind. With authenticity, vulnerability, & humor, such a refreshing boldness to all she does.  

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Growing In Grace

A space where God's grace meets our
imperfections to produce purpose.

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Lily Flower

About ME

I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY Ashley Ates, your Dope Woman Mentor. Having my first child at 19 years old, I knew the only thing that mattered was making sure my child was taken care of. This was more than surface level care, I wanted to build something I didn't have access too for moms who felt like there is more, but how?

I embarked on a journey of discovery until I realized true purpose is internal and not external. I was introduced to church culture very young. I always loved God but didn't want to be like the people in the "church". What was modeled around me wasn't what I sought to be. After having a real encounter with God, NOT people in my late 20's, I committed to serving HIM & the people. I didn't expect my life to be how it is now, and it's ever evolving. I can say I am truly living!

This journey planted the seeds of Growing In Grace women's community which birth Sister Sistership, a mentorship program exclusive to single mamas where we Re-Imagine Motherhood through confidence and skill building. Because of my passion to see women grow, Re-ImagineHer is personal mentorship for ALL women. Sister Sistership is now Mamas Lounge Membership which gives me access to pour into the life of more moms + see growth in their lives.


EVERY PRODUCT + SERVICE is  for us, by us.  


Using my academics, I combine my love for teaching, knowledge of systems & structures, goal setting with execution, and encouragement to build the women that feels like she is in a metamorphosis but can't break out.

A little note from me to all the dearest mamas out there, "before you are mom, you are woman. Don't forget her. Don't neglect her values .. "

I have two world-changing creative sons that I choose to live legacy with. I am a self-published author, social entrepreneur, builder of people, advocate, blogger, foodie, and lover of God! 

So Let's re write your story, together with love !