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Lily Flower

I am ... The Blueprint

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In the dedication page for my book, Grace to Pivot, I speak about being the Blueprint. When I hear the word, automatically my mind goes to the original. I think of construction and draft plans. The Blueprint is the template used to create.... and well, I'm that, and you are too. God doesn't make duplicates, He's the original designer and has beautifully crafted our lives to demonstrate that design.

Where things go array is when we try and fit into spaces we're not meant. We start to adapt our ways and identity to how others perceive we need to be or how we think we should act to be accepted. This mentally robs us of purpose and time, but God can restore all that back to us. Our identity is our unique BLUEPRINT. No one can be ME and I can't be another, but there are times we have adopted false identity. Listen, there's no shame in it.... but you don't want to stay there. False identity robs you of EVERYTHING!!!!

It's our natural instinct to pull away from standing out, we were born hidden, but when you become a new creation in Christ, you will stand out! Every pioneer, trailblazer, first of, they were all BluePrints. It's in you too. Don't fight against the pull to be different, it's actually regular :). WHAT YOU CARRY IS NEEDED IN THE EARTH.... BREAK OUT THE BARRIER YOU SET FOR YOU AND STEP INTO A LIFE OF FREEDOM.