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Lily Flower

In the wild

The wild, where confusion and clarity meet.

I recently attended the Woman Evolve conference which really snatched my life to another dimension. I haven’t been able to shake this one word, “wilderness”. As begin to look up the definition I found a few key phrases, but the one that stood out the most was, “a neglected or abandoned area” with the synonym ‘wasteland’. YIKES…. no one wants to be stuck in a wasteland or abandoned area, but how many times do we or have we created our own wilderness out of rebellion to God’s choice for us?


That probably stung a bit, it did for me. I realized though, that even in the wild God is present with us. In the very place where it seems dark and lonely, God is creating a new us, but we MUST go THROUGH our wilderness. In the wilderness you who learn who you are and what you can become. The wild looks different for each of us. My wilderness looks like lack of discipline in areas, comparison, and struggling to maintain my authenticity. I am structured and disciplined with planning, but I struggle with being discipline in faith. I like to know what I’m doing and how it will turn out. That is NOT faith. God can’t work in my life if I’m still trying to run my life in certain areas. TOTAL SURRENDER MEANS THAT, TOTAL. I waver at times when I see things happening for others and not me, this is where comparison tries to creep in… and when I feel that thought come in, I immediately speak what God said about ME. At times it seems easy to “go with the flow”, then I realize…nah Ash, that’s not you anymore, you are intentional with your time because you realize God has given you a purpose. If I/we don’t fulfill the purpose God has given us, we are wasting away.

Every day is new. New battles come, my faith is tested, but one thing remains, God’s promises for my life & yours. I could say forget it and allow the wild to be my home, but I choose not to. I have too much to lose if I don’t break the curses that have been passed down. I won’t walk through my wilderness aimlessly. I will allow it to teach me, grow me, cleanse me, and evolve me. There’s no shame in not having life figured out; although that doesn’t give us an excuse to wander aimlessly. God’s word tells us in Romans 8: 1- there is NO condemnation( guilt) for those who are in Jesus(that believe in him). Seek God. Ask him questions about your purpose… there’s a difference in questioning God’s reason and asking God questions. He hears us and he responds, we just have to be still sometimes in order to hear his response.

The word tells us to seek the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added. Purpose is within everyone. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are unique and that’s what makes each of us special. Not even twins have the same exact traits, so why look at another and aspire to be them? We should be inspired to become our most authentic self The world needs us to become who God called us to be.

As I continue to walk through my wild, I am learning and unlearning ideas, patterns, and behaviors. Through it all, I am thankful for God’s love; without it I would not be in the space I’m in.

Find your wild. Make peace with it while you’re there. Learn and unlearn in it. And push through to become the best, purpose-filled YOU you’ve ever seen.