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Lily Flower

Level 30

It’s been a while… I have been on quite the journey. Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. So, ya girl hit 30! First off, there has been so much freedom within leading up to this new decade, that it has me in an in between space. Crazy right? How can you be free within and be in an in between place? Some days I know exactly what I’m doing, walking in purpose and feeling so aligned, then the next day, there is such obscurity, anxiety, and to be honest, comparison. . . SO! I HAVE TO BE INTENTIONAL WITH MY TIME. Because this is how we can fall into the trap of the lives of others. Walking with God and spending time in HIS presence is an intentional decision, JUST as spending time with our circle is. I can’t start my day without it…. because if I do, my day is totally off. Colossians 3:2-3, tells us, ” Set your mind and keep focused habitually on the things above (heavenly things), not on things that are on the earth(which have temporal value). For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God”. I love the amplified version because it gives you a clear understanding of what the scripture means. But, this passage is reminding us, that we must constantly and intentionally keep our minds fed with the things of God. Easier said than done one may say, but, just as simple as it is to recite a quote, we can fill our thoughts with the word of God. Not a knock on quotes, but, I’ve learned that God’s word will sustain ALL my thoughts. So, back to this 30 bidness…. I’ve found myself really making grown up decisions HAHA. I’ve been grown, but like 30 is a new level of grown. 30 is the space where the wisdom of your adolescent and tween years, guide you to pursue stability (in my opinion). You become focused on what is most important, make changes that are beneficial to the quality of your life, and set the tone for your future! Sounds good!… well, let me tell you, all the planning in the world still doesn’t matter to God! I plan, because it’s a gift, but I also leave room for how God wants to flow. AND LEMME TELL YOU, SOME OF THE IDEAS I’VE BEEN GIVEN- definitely not mine, because for me, it’s not my thing. But, God is my thing, and the word tells me that every good and perfect gift comes from the creator. So, that means, it is my things if He gave it to me.

Did I mention the in between place? EVERY OTHER DAY THIS IS MY LIFE. I feel like God is waiting for me, but I feel like I’m waiting for HIM! What do you do? I’m learning, usually when I don’t hear from God directly, I need to chill and be still. Being still doesn’t mean I stop pursuing and planning, it means that in the midst of those things, I don’t become so fixated on my plan, that I miss what God has or is planning. 7 whole days into 30 years of life, and I am more dependent on Him than I’VE EVER been. I’m going to NEED ALL OF HIM to execute this purpose that is boiling inside me. For now, I rest in knowing that He will never leave me, nor forsake me. ALL HIS PROMISES ARE YES AND AMEN, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME OR ANY PERSON CONNECTED TO ME CAN PROSPER! THIRTY, I embrace you!