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Lily Flower

Mom and Teacher... Momcher.

Hey y'all! This blog is dedicated to my mamas....because wow! This year has been a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF MOMMYING. I know I'm not the only that has had to make the executive decision concerning their child(ren) of #virtuallearning, aka ZOOM SCHOOL and homeschooling. I had to figure out which would be most beneficial to my sanity and to the learning style of my youngest son.

It has been quite the journey this school year. The children ended the school year for 2019-20 in a virtual learning environment and one started the 2020-21 year in homeschool while my other son is still in the virtual zoom school environment. My decision to homeschool my 6 year old wasn't one that I decided to do solely due to the pandemic, but was actually years in the making. Although I've always been a working mom, I knew that at some point my youngest son wouldn't be in a traditional school environment. So when pandemic hit, and I was home, I started to explore the idea of homeschooling him more serious.

I begin to look into satellite schools and various curriculums that fit his learning style. You know what's funny? Education is my background, but I thought I'd hire someone to teach him, lol. God has a funny way of doing things. Actually, He has an intentional way of doing things. My prayer for 2020 was patience....... WELL THE LESSON IN THIS HAS BEEN ENDLESS. Once I spoke with a few moms that have homeschooled and searched a few programs, I landed on the right one for us.

I thought it would be difficult for Caleb because he's such a socialite, but thankfully, he's taken to homeschool and not being able to see his peers well. He asks about them and gives the infamous statement that most can connect with "I hate corona"... but otherwise he had adapted. Adaption is a skill that he already possesses at 6 years old. I'm sure we can all take a dose of that. Mommying and teacher has meshed together better than expected. My oldest even asked if I could homeschool him. THAT'S A DOUBLE NEGETIVE! HECK NO NO WAY lol. He's in middle school and heading into a new age of teens. That's enough for me to handle 😩🙃.

Coming from a person that use to think being perfect and having everything perfectly done while not requiring ANY help(meaning I don't want to ask, but I really need it) was how it should be, entering this new role has taught me more about myself. Yes, I'm a mother, now a mom who teaches, but I am a woman that handles many roles... and I'm glad I have the ability to wear this new role as teacher mom. I have Caleb call me Ms. Ashley during class, but his funny interpretation is MIST ASHLEY 😂. Bottomline... embrace what works best for you and your children.