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Purpose OR ….

The “P” word. A word used to define the direction of your life, purpose. But, do you really understand what it is? Some may say it’s what you’re most passionate about, others say it’s what you’re born to do, I say, it’s who God defined you to be. Being, by definition is the nature or essence of a person. Quite naturally purpose aligns with your existence, you were born with purpose. The place where many get lost is in the pursuit.

Pursuing purpose takes intentionality and willingness to obey the instructions of God. Yes, there are successful people whom we deem to be in purpose, and they actually are, however, they will never amass all they were destined without the hand of God guiding them. Purpose is NOT about fame but about changing the world of those around you. As you step into purpose, you will begin to shed. Things that no longer served the original design God placed on you, fall off because you’ve chosen to pursue the reason God formed you.

True fulfillment doesn’t come in a position, title, or reaching goals, it comes by way of purpose. When I am doing what I know God called me to do, I feel at my best. It’s not always the most comfortable, but the truth is, living a purposeFULL life isn’t for the comfort of us. It’s for the freeing of those we’re called to. I recently had a shift in perspective concerning my own purpose. That shift allowed me to realize I GET to partner with God in the earth. I don’t see it as a burden, but a blessing.

Once your perspective shifts, you will come into an enjoyment for the call placed on your life. It’s a different journey for everyone. I invite you to begin your walk into PURPOSE.