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Lily Flower


We see them in the mirror, when we stare into a body of water, when we look at our children or those closest to us. Reflections are everywhere we choose to see them.

I’m reminded of my childhood, I use to hear it all the time, “you remind me of your mother when she was young, you look just like her“.... granted, I do, but by my dad we alike also. I can see them both in me, but when I stare deep enough, I start to see the reflection of a loving Father. The One who won’t compare you to another, but stamp you with a specific DNA & identity.

You see, reflections have the opportunity to shape your perspective. Our environments, friendships + relationships are reflections of what's inside. If we are not conscious about what's inside of us, we will attract meaningless & unfruitful relationships that skews our true identity.

My question to you, when's the last time you reflected? On life, relationships, vision, goals, whatever it may be, I challenge you to sit + be present in the moment & consider what your next steps will be. Reflect + Plan!

"He who tends the fig tree will eat its fruit, And he who faithfully protects and cares for his master will be honored. As in water face reflects face, So the heart of a man reflects man" Proverbs 27:18-19