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Lily Flower

Seasons Change

October 2019 I determined I would follow God and be obedient to move in unfamiliar territory, a year later, I am in awe of the FAITHFULNESS of God and the growth I've made as a woman+mother. I was a huge procrastinator and God knew it. What I've come to learn about procrastination, it's a killer of time, manifestation of pride & control. Yep, I said that! When I learned it was a manifestation of pride, I was shocked! Me? pride...NO WAY! Yes way!

I asked God to help me move out of this nature and into productivity. I begin to write out/plan for the days, weeks, and even month. This became a source of control because I felt like I needed to stick to the plan. When the plan didn't go as expected, I would feel less accomplished. So, I had to go back to God for help with this. I had in my mind, ALL OR NOTHING, I didn't want to leave room for a change of plan. That thought process was rooted in my upbringing.

Within this year God has broken procrastination off me, moved me into productivity, shown me why I procrastinated(pride+ it's cousins), and areas where I plainly didn't trust Him. I am daily being corrected. Had I not left my job when He said last October, I truly

believe where I am now, I would not be. My faith, belief system(in GOD & SELF), relationships, processes has changed in this year. I am not where I thought I'd be, but I'm right where I should be.