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Lily Flower

The painful process

My journey has been far from easy. There is a passage in Matthew, where Jesus was asked what must be done to obtain eternal life? The young ruler said that he was following all the ten commandments, but Jesus knew that he was still attached to his earthly possessions. So, Jesus told him in essence, if you want to follow me, go sell all and come follow me. The young ruler walked away disheartened, because he wasn’t expecting that response. How painful? What does it mean to sell everything and follow HIM? Here’s an example… 

I remember being pregnant with my second son and going through a period where I was trying to force what wasn’t meant to fit. During the relationship, there were many signs that I should have heeded, but like many of us, we try, try, and try to make it the way WE want. After realizing the hard way that it just wasn’t working, I found myself crying out to God. I was laying on my bed in tears, asking God to help because I didn’t know what to do. I wanted the relationship to work, but I knew that it was toxic and the toxins were spilling over into all the areas of my life. That day I made a decision to try it God’s way. I didn’t know where to start or what it would look like, but I was WILLING.

That is what the process requires, this is what it means to sell it all and follow him. God wants our willingness. It won’t be easy, it will be painful and uncomfortable, but so worth it.

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